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mac_styles branch crash when spinbox does not have enough room
User & Date: Takamoto 2020-01-14 09:42:37

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    @nab thank you for pointing to this workaround. I have to admit that the crash happens in my allocation only for one particular pack/unpack (with probably some destroy nested), and depending on previous packing/unpacking at a higher level of the widget hierarchy (this is the reason a can not reproduce it in a simple script, since I still could not figure out that triggers the difference crash/non crash for the same operation). I need to investigate better the causes.

    @everybody: I do not know if general suggestions are welcomed here (maybe another thread?). I like the new changes, and these are just small differences I noted to native widget, therefore not important.

    ttkBrowseEntry - the arrow icon does not match macOS, it should be a double arrow to mimic the new behaviour - when selected, the border of the native widget is not highlighted - the container of the native widget is rectangular, but the corners are rounded

    border highlight - the corners in native widgets are always rounded (even if the container is not rounded) - on my computer, the blue of Tk is lighter than the blue of original widget (Mojave, maybe different in Catalina)

    Thank you for the great work!

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