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Ticket: 0e8c47b3cdc412426adb46ca4326dd7369ec7bfb
Command tk_getOpenFile temporary shows files greyed
User & Date: nicolasdanet 2020-01-16 09:35:13

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    On macOS 10.15, tk_getOpenFile shortly show all files or folders greyed.
    It was not the case with 10.14 and it is not the case using the finder.
    It seems very slow (proportional to the number of files).
    Below a link to a video done with the basic script that is after.
    menu .mbar
    menu add command -label "Open" -command { tk_getOpenFile }
    .mbar add cascade -menu -label "Open"
    . configure -menu .mbar
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    Command tk_getOpenFile temporary shows files greyed
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