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Ticket: 48f5da841df2a45749880bdafb276521e67e825b
mac_styles branch crash when spinbox does not have enough room
User & Date: nab 2020-01-13 08:05:52

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    @Takamoto, Hi, while using mac_styles branch I had to write: after 1 [list doDesiredEval args] a lot in order for stuff to be smooth and not crashing.

    also for toplevel creation/destroy I had to use a delay mechanism for not my app to crash. something like that:

    proc nsWin_sleep {ms namespace} { namespace upvar $namespace nsWin_sleepV localnsWin_sleepV

    after $ms {set localnsWin_sleepV 1} vwait localnsWin_sleepV

    } proc win_modifyDelay {} { nsWin_sleep 100 Dlightmain }

    proc win_deiconifySequence {win} { if {[tk windowingsystem] eq {aqua} && $::tcl_platform(osVersion) >= 18} { update idletasks ::tk::unsupported::MacWindowStyle appearance $win darkaqua }

    wm deiconify $win if {[tk windowingsystem] eq {aqua}} { win_modifyDelay }


    proc win_deleteSequence {delay win} { destroy $win if {[tk windowingsystem] eq {aqua}} { nsWin_sleep $delay Dlightmain update idletasks } }

    hope this helps. ++

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