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clock (free)scan of ISO 8601 timestamp with literal T behaves strange
User & Date: chw 2020-05-21 11:18:14

  1. icomment:
    Citing the "FREE FORM SCAN" section in clock(n) from core-8-6-branch
       ISO 8601 point-in-time
          An  ISO  8601 point-in-time specification, such as “CCyymmddThh‐
          mmss,” where T is the literal “T”, “CCyymmdd hhmmss”, or “CCyym‐
          mddThh:mm:ss”.  Note that only these three formats are accepted.
          The command does not accept  the  full  range  of  point-in-time
          specifications  specified in ISO8601.  Other formats can be rec‐
          ognized by giving an explicit -format option to the  clock  scan
    it seems to be some undefined behavior you're observing here regarding
    the presence of the -gmt option.
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