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TIP 538 and Tcl extensions: 'tommath.h' file not found
User & Date: mr_calvin 2020-05-19 10:38:56

  1. icomment:
    Thanks for taking the time to discuss with me. :)
    > Since libtommath is now an external library, just as zlib.
    I see that, but an important difference between libtommath and zlib is, though, Tcl's public API does not expose native data types of zlib (z_stream) directly, but proper wrappers (Tcl_ZlibStream). This is different for libtommath (mp_int). There is no Tcl_MpInt, unfortunately.
    > why would you still want to build a stripped-down version into Tcl????
    This does not apply to NSF, twapi and others (as proper Tcl extensions), but I might want to use Tcl as my C utility library of choice (Tcl is heavily underestimated in this role), maybe, and why then entertain two dependencies if I could just work with one = Tcl with internal libtommath?
    > I could imagine TEA providing a TEA_TOMMATH macro
    That would certainly help, and was actually what I meant by my -I rumbling in the earlier post.
    Nevertheless, I agree that directly depending on tommath.h is likely to best step for NSF, twapi etc. but it does not feel right re Tcl's public API exposing libtommath data types directly (so injecting a dependency with TEA helping with it).
    I hope I could make my point clearer?
    Thanks for your continued support!
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